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All the items are free but we do suggest that you do consider the suggested donation for the item.If you can't support us now we will still be happy to send you the item.No order is to big that we can't fill.Suggested Donation:2.00 per 100

The Only Doorway
A great tract you can give out Becouse Christ is the only doorway.All scipture references are from KJV.Publisher: Fellowship Tract League.
The Anotomy Of The Messiah
Describes the suffering of Christ and how prophecy was fulfilled.Publisher Fellowship Tract League
Christ was the final sacrifice for sin and did away with animal sacrifice under the law.Agreat tract to use.Publisher Fellowship Tract League
America Repent
This is great tract to hand out on Independence Day.Shows where America has problems and the remedy for it.Publisher:Pilgrim Fundemental Press

It's Not Your Fault
It is not your fault you are a sinner but it is your fault if you remian a sinner.Publisher:Evangelical Tract Distributors
God Loves You
The first paragraph sums it up.
We love your soul and want to tell you,if you have never been born again,you are on a juorney to a place where you will burn forever and ever.

Who Told You That
This tract tells of things people are rlying in to get the to heaven other than Jesus Christ.Publisher:Evangelical Tract Society
The Maze Of Life
A must read for all.Publisher:Pilgrim Fundemental Press

Description of Product
Detailed description of a product. This description could include: Basic information about the line of products and any information that you might use to describe your product. $ 19.95

A Saving Faith
A tract on saving faith of Jesus Christ.Publisher:Pilgrim Fundemental Press