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Welcome To The Mustard Seed
Welcome to The Mustard Seed we are here to help you grow as a Christian through bible studies,prayer,distribution of tracts,and other material.We feel it an honour to serve the Christian community with these items.6906Rate Us
Current Events
Lonsome Pine International Raceway-We open with prayer every Saturday night.In the future we hope to hand out tracts

8:45-9:00-We have radio broadcast on WXLZ-AM 1140

We had the tract giveaway for the airport put on hold but we recieved an order for 22000 tracts.Praise the Lord.

New Things
We have just finished our catalog go and check it out.

Check out our sermon outline for Revelation 1:16-18.I hope it starts you on a good study of God,s Holy Word.New ones will be posted every day so check back and let's study together.

Daily Bible Study has been added Genisis 1:1

Planned Enhancements
Since this is a new site we will have a lot of new enhancments in the comming weeks.

Contact The Mustard Seed
E-mail us to let us know where we are reaching with this site.
Darryle Huffman